Campion Platt: Luxurious Exploitation

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Luxury might be "about materials and context" as his website asserts, but refusing to pay a summer intern seems less than luxurious.

MR Architecture and Decor: interior design on the cheap

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Stylish designer David Mann seeks an interior designer who will run his errands.

Dirty Greens Pt. 1: Clean Solar Inc.

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We urge Clean Solar Inc. to look beyond sustainable energy and adopt a sustainable business structure that fairly compensates all employees.

Our Mission

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Offering inexperienced and desperate young architects jobs working for free or less than minimum wage is plain immoral, unfair, and typically illegal. This blog will aim to end this practice by exposing the firms that unfairly treat their employees.


On 2:26 PM

From Craigslist NYC:

MKDreamDesign is an interior design and architecture firm based in Manhattan.
Our projects include nightclubs, spas, retail stores, restaurants, and residences in New York,
New Jersey, Las Vegas, California, and Dominican Republic (

We are getting many new building and interior projects and seek a passionate and motivated
intern to start full time. Must be especially strong in modelmaking (physical and 3D computer).
It is an unpaid internship but we provide lunch and you will also learn a lot and engage in all
aspects of a design business from this hands-on internship.

- Strong Model-Building skills
- Strong 3D computer modeling skills
- Proficiency in Vectorworks and/or Autocad
- Organizational & Communication skills
- General office skills
- Familiarity with Macs a+
- Graphic design skills a +

- Physical model-building
- 3D Computer modeling
- Drafting
- Visiting and measuring sites
- Material and finish selection
- Acquiring and delivering samples
- General office work, answering phones


Send your cover letter, resume, and samples to:

Any resume without samples will not be reviewed.
List all programs you know: vectorworks, rhino, sketchup etc.
Matthew Kelly is the founder of MKDreamDesign. Mr. Kelly needs to be reminded that in the real world people are paid for the job they do. To email Mr. Kelly and remind him that exploiting his workers is wrong, you can contact him here.

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