Campion Platt: Luxurious Exploitation

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Luxury might be "about materials and context" as his website asserts, but refusing to pay a summer intern seems less than luxurious.

MR Architecture and Decor: interior design on the cheap

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Stylish designer David Mann seeks an interior designer who will run his errands.

Dirty Greens Pt. 1: Clean Solar Inc.

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We urge Clean Solar Inc. to look beyond sustainable energy and adopt a sustainable business structure that fairly compensates all employees.

Our Mission

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Offering inexperienced and desperate young architects jobs working for free or less than minimum wage is plain immoral, unfair, and typically illegal. This blog will aim to end this practice by exposing the firms that unfairly treat their employees.

Superfront LA

On 9:22 AM
From Craigslist LA:
Architecture gallery seeking interns in the Pacific Design Center

SUPERFRONT LA, an offshoot of the experimental architecture gallery and project space in Brooklyn, seeks 2 interns in the Los Angeles area to fulfill curatorial and gallery functions at the Pacific Design Center from 1PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. Interns will work directly with artists and architects exhibiting work in the gallery, assist with exhibit design and installation, and act as liaisons with the design community of the Pacific Design Center. Each intern will work at the gallery 2-3 days a week, Monday through Friday.
Unpaid, pending grant funding.
Mitch McEwen is the director and founder of Superfront. Superfront seems to be a cause that we here at AWETY would champion. From the Superfront website:
SUPERFRONT’s mission is to support, promote, and produce radically contemporary architecture, while fostering creative interdisciplinary exchange.
We fully support Superfront's mission and empathize with the difficulty of their endeavor. Given the tight economy it is difficult to fund experimental and research initiatives.

We urge Ms. McEwen to take the time to devise a more sustainable business plan that does not rely on labor from unpaid interns or to make the connections necessary to offer course credit for architecture students in exchange for service. As it stands the good cause of this organization is endangered by their exploitative business model. To send email to Superfront you can contact them here.

2 Response to "Superfront LA"

  1. Hi. Thanks for paying attention! I struggle with this issue consistently. SUPERFRONT is a non-profit, staffed entirely with volunteer labor (as I myself am a volunteer). Right now we have just reached the level of developing a non-profit business plan that gives us space to work and make things and exhibit work. The next priority is to pay interns, ahead of myself, and then finally me.
    I really like your idea of school credit.
    Any ideas and/or advice or criticism you have is appreciated.
    Ms. Mitch McEwen


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