Campion Platt: Luxurious Exploitation

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Luxury might be "about materials and context" as his website asserts, but refusing to pay a summer intern seems less than luxurious.

MR Architecture and Decor: interior design on the cheap

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Stylish designer David Mann seeks an interior designer who will run his errands.

Dirty Greens Pt. 1: Clean Solar Inc.

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We urge Clean Solar Inc. to look beyond sustainable energy and adopt a sustainable business structure that fairly compensates all employees.

Our Mission

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Offering inexperienced and desperate young architects jobs working for free or less than minimum wage is plain immoral, unfair, and typically illegal. This blog will aim to end this practice by exposing the firms that unfairly treat their employees.


On 8:41 AM
From Archinect Jobs:
Workshop/APD, an award winning design firm based in New York City, seeks an unpaid architectural intern.

In addition to digital modeling, drafting and rendering, applicants should show an ability to organize, have strong oral and written communication skills, and display a willingness to assist in the administrative functions of a fast-paced office.

Specific requirements include strong knowledge of the following programs:
  • AutoCAD
  • Adobe programs (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
  • 3-D Studio Max, Maya, and/or Form Z
Projects range from traditional to modern and applicants should demonstrate an understanding and interest in both areas. For a broader understanding of our work, please go to

This is an unpaid internship. The number of hours depend on applicant availability.
The principals of workshop/apd are Andrew Kotchen and Michael Berman. You might recognize these two from the Rockport Shoe advertisements. It is no news that many firms have been hit hard by the economic downturn. One sector of the economy that hasn't taken much of a hit is the custom home market for the uber wealthy. workshop/apd is lucky enough to be in this market with many 8000+ sf homes in their portfolio. Currently they are working on the new Visitor's Center at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Our guess is that Berman and Kotchen are some of the lucky few that can actually afford to pay their workers. It is truly unfortunate that they feel the need to exploit young workers. Any job requiring "strong knowledge" of design programs, as the one posted above, shouldn't be an unpaid internship. They should at least be offering free Rockport Shoes as payment!

If you'd like to contact Mr. Berman or Mr. Kotchen you can email them here.

2 Response to "workshop/apd"

  1. workshop Said,

    It is also truly unfortunate that Berman and Kotchen have cut their core staff's pay by 30% this year in order for Mr. Berman to buy yet another property (a brownstone in Brooklyn) and so they can start another business (more prefab "green" homes).

    You can email them directly at: and


  2. Workshop Said,

    This is a very old post from September of last year.

    Due to the economic downturn, we, like many other firms, had to cut back salaries and downsize. We were not in a position to offer paid compensation, so instead, we opted to offer experience and the ability for young designers to improve their design skills and supplement their portfolios. Since then, the economy has picked up allowing us to pay the interns who work for us (including one who started out unpaid).


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